Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from other protein bars?

At Go and Do we make simple, all-natural, good-for-you protein bars. With at least 13 grams of protein we help provide the fuel for everything from your morning workout to your day-to-day life. To put it simply, we help you Go and Do! Unlike many other protein bars we use completely natural ingredients, and never any preservatives, artificial ingredients, added sugars, sugar alcohols, or natural flavors. For more information on our nutrition facts visit our products page. 

What kind of protein do you use in your bars?

We use egg whites in our Peanut Butter Cup and Coconut Cashew bars, and organic pea protein in our Snickerdoodle bar. Both egg white protein and pea protein are complete proteins, meaning they contain all nine essential amino acids our bodies need for optimal functionality. 

Wait, you use eggs in your bars? Are they cooked?

Yes, all of our non-vegan bar options contain egg whites. The egg whites we use have been dehydrated and powdered so they do not need to be cooked.

What holds the bars together?

Each of our Go and Do bars are made with a base of dates and nut butters that bind the bar together. 

How long will my Go and Do Bar last? How should I store it?

While our bars have not been officially lab tested, we recommend eating them within the first few months for optimal freshness (Go and Do Bars will keep for at least 3 months). They are made with 100% natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives, so while the ingredients won't spoil in that time frame, you may notice your bars will become drier as natural oils separate in time. Don't worry, they will still taste great!

Store your Go and Do Bars in a cool dry place such as your pantry; or, although not required, you may store them in your refrigerator to increase longevity. 

Are your bars Keto or Paleo friendly?

Keto: No, our bars are not Keto-friendly. All of our bars are made with a base of dates which are relatively high in natural carbohydrates.

Paleo: Yes, our bars are Paleo-friendly! All of our bars are made with 100% natural, real whole-food ingredients.

Do you offer any vegan options?

Yes! We are always in the process of trying to develop more options but we currently we have one plant-based option, our Snickerdoodle Protein Bar. 

Gluten, Soy, and Dairy free?

Yes! Our bars are naturally gluten, soy and dairy free. 

Do you use natural flavorings?

You will never see "natural flavors" as one of our ingredients because "natural flavorings" aren't necessarily natural. According to the FDA, "a natural flavor is extracted, distilled or derived from plant or animal matter, either as is or after it has been roasted, heated or fermented, and whose function is for flavor, not nutrition." At Go and Do we are committed to providing quality nutrition that tastes great but doesn't sacrifice flavor for nutrition.

How are your bars produced? Mass produced or small batches?

Our bars are produced in small batches and pressed and packaged by hand.

When can I expect my order? 

You can expect your order to arrive 3-4 business days after you place an order. 

Where else can I purchase these bars? 

Currently our bars are available online, the Nolensville Farmers Market each Saturday, and at the following retail locations:

Mama's Java Cafe: 305 Sheldon Valley Dr, Nolensville, TN 37135


Herban Market: 3078 Maddux Way Ste 300, Franklin, TN 37069


Do you offer wholesale options? 

For wholesale information, please contact Luke at